Designing a Training Program According to Borg Rating of Intensity and its Effect on Some of the Physical and Functional Capabilities and Achievement in Individual Time Trial For Cyclist's Juniors

  • Prof Dr. Maher Ahmed Assi Al-Isawi الجامعة المستنصرية
  • Ali Hameed Abdul-Karim


The research aims to Designed Training program according to Borg rating of intensity fit with abilities research sample for cyclist's individual time trial juniors. And identify the effect of the training program in some of the physical and functional capacities and achievement for cyclist's individual time trial juniors. The experimental method for suitability in solving the problem of the research on a sample of Juniors in the road race cyclist's season (2018-2017) representing the age group (17-18 years) and totaling (20) cyclists who make up the percentage (71.42%) of the Finding the original community. Chosen way intentional been randomly assigned to two groups officer and pilot of (10) cyclist's for each group. It was the use of statistical Pouch (SPSS) to extract the results. It was reached The intensity Zones, which was an enhancement factor to develop of the physical and functional abilities and achievement of cyclist's individual time trial juniors. And Training according to intensity Zones contributes to raising the level of adaptation to the body's functional equipment and recovery through the training unit and between the training units and avoid injury which is enhancement of physical performance. And determining the lactic threshold heart rate of cyclist's contributes to the codification of training programs and reaching the goals to be achieved.

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